Sunday, February 27, 2011

AKA Thriller: A Cruel Picture

Here's my newest contribution to Sketch Slackers. This is a movie poster for "They Call Her One Eye." It's a pretty killer movie and one of Tarantino's influences for "Kill Bill." If you're interested, there's another cut of the movie called "Thriller: A Cruel Picture," that has some really explicit porn scenes cut into the movie. Enjoy!!!

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Zeebava said...

I honestly don't know if I can get across, in words, how freakin' awesome I think this print is. Thriller is, hands down, one of the greatest revenge flicks of all time. Not an easy movie to get through but revenge movies shouldn't be easy to get through in the first place. It's a dirty, filthy little flick but I actually find it quite beautiful in places. And it has some of my favorite slo mo work of all time.

Great job on the type too. I would actually LOVE to see a version of it sans that type if possible.

Absolutely beautiful work John!