Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Ok, so I know it's been a crazy long time since I posted anything. I promise the time hasn't been wasted. I recently changed careers and have been trying to enjoy my summer and doing both has been murder on my art production.

Anyway, my crew here in Cleveland recently lost one of it's favorite members to San Francisco and we thought we could each do a self portrait in our own styles and combine them into one big piece we could frame and present to her as a gift. Below is my self portrait along with the final image all put together. The artists from left to right are: Chris Hsu, Amy Shoff, Myself, Claire Mojher (she also did our little dog Lily), Dan Liuzzi, Julia Kuo, Ali Kurzeja, and Coleen Kolarik.


Matthew said...

Hi James! Working with C from Version on some Proto artwork. Was wondering if there was a good way to get in touch with you to get some insight on working with the band?

Really digging your recent work on the blog, by the way. Hope this finds you well


John DeLucca said...

Hey Matthew! Thanks for finding me man. It's cool to talk to other people in the Proto extended family. You can e-mail me at for starters. If you want to talk on the phone some time we can set that up too.

Thanks for the kind words by the way, always appreciated. I'd love to see some of your work. Could you send me a link or something?

Matthew said...

Sure, I'd be stoked to hear your feedback on this project, especially.

My portfolio is at, and my blog is

The piece I'm working on for the band isn't really representative of my normal stuff, which is more or less cartooning. Though I've been pretty happy with some of the work I've been doing for musicians and gig posters, so I may reserve a spot in my repetoire for that style.

John DeLucca said...

Awesome man. You're stuff has a really animated quality that's missing in a lot of other cartoonists work.

I've actually seen some of your Megaman related stuff on the forums before. That Protomen gig poster is really fantastic. I'm particularly impressed with the reflection and the cracked visor.

Shoot me an e-mail regarding your concerns with your current proto-project and we can talk about it.