Friday, September 4, 2009

Protomen Albums Away!

Check out the new jams! This is the cover to the new Protomen album. It releases on September 8th. I did some other stuff for the album that I'll post once it's out. To see the finished art with the logo and everything, you can go to the Protomen's site or to Version Industries' site. My thanks once again to Caspar Newbolt for doing an amazing job doing the design and layout for the album.


Gabriel Banks said...

I was sent by the Protomen. I am here to tell you how much I like your magic. You are awesome.
Stay magical.

Ama said...

Ohhhhh, yes. This is now my background. Though, I'm just hoping my computer won't crash because of the epicness of that picture. I'm in love with it... Kudos, good sir.

Andrew said...

I was really struck by this piece of artwork. I think it was the first thing I saw about Act II and it excited me immediately.

It captures some thematic elements immediately (old world turning into new world) and Light holding the dead Emily is very visceral.

Also the use of color is just spectacular!

John DeLucca said...

Thanks for all the love. You guys are the best.

Danny said...

This is an amazing album cover. The use of colors is brilliant, and I am loving how stylized it is. Reminds somewhat of Blade Runner and Batman:The Animated Series. And is that an Orwellian Big Brother T.V. I see? Awesome.

Keep of the amazing work! You are fantastic.