Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Protomen Jams Part III

So in celebration of the release of the new Protomen album, this is everything else I've done on my own inspired by their music. There are still a couple images from the album art that I don't want to spoil for anyone still waiting to receive their copy in the mail. Anyway, here it is.


Jesse Dunsmore said...

Sir, you're a king among geeky men. I don't know if you are a geek, or just someone with a good appreciation for a solid paycheck, but your cover artwork was excellent on Act II.
It took us awhile at the Protomen forums (well, me, anyway) to realize that everything was traditional and old to the left of Light, and it had been "upgraded" on the right.
Any chance you can tell me who that shadow on the wall belongs to?

John DeLucca said...

Many thanks for all the kind words (I do consider the recognition of my geekiness a compliment). I do wish I could take all the credit for the image, and while I did draw and color it, I had a great deal of input from the Commander.

The shadow you mention belongs to a character known only as "the sniper." He is referenced most clearly in the song "Keep Quiet."

Jesse Dunsmore said...

Awesome. Fits in fairly well with some of the storyline we've been randomly throwing around, trying to make sense of things before the booklets find their way into our hands.
Are we going to see more Protomen-inspired/contracted work from you?

John DeLucca said...

Well, when you get your booklets you'll see some more stuff I did. Basically any drawings you see in there are mine. There's also a spread when you open the CD that I did. As for the future, I was told that I will be called upon again but, I don't have a project currently.

Raius said...

Nice work. I love how your arm cannons are so metroid and cybernetic looking.